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by Kathir Aryaputra on Arsha Avinash Foundation
Appreciate your service

Namaste ji. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service in making works of Swami Paramarthananda and on Swami Dayananda available for the whole of humanity. Thank you for being such an exemplary contributor as how Pujya Swamiji defines it to be. Pranamas.


I am fortunate to get a copy of MP3 files of Swami Paramarthananda's lectures on Bhagavad Gita. I really enjoy listening to them during my commutes every day. Also, thanks for posting the PDF files of books for seekers to download. Swamiji's explanations make it easy to understand the difficult concepts of Vedanta and apply them to modern life. He is funny and holds the interest of the listeners. Thanks to Avanashji and his team for their wonderful service to the mankind. Om Tat Sat.

by Hiren Trivedi on Arsha Avinash Foundation
The complete guide for a serious seeker

I am routine reader of Pujya Swami Sri Paramarthananda Ji I have downloaded study material, I want to thanks Avinash Ji for providing such a great study material for spiritual seeker..Om Tatsat

by P.R.Amarnath. on Arsha Avinash Foundation
Great service to seekers of spirituality.

I like to place on record my sincere thanks to, for having given a free access to Books on Pujya Swamiji; Swami Paramarthananda; Sanskrit grammar; 7other related articles on vedic wisdom; to the really longing aspirants of Vedanta. It gives us clarity on many aspects of our vedic tradition & principles. Hari om.

by Venkatesh Anandasayanam on Arsha Avinash Foundation
Appreciation for your noble work

I regularly refer to Swami Paramarthanandaji's books that you have posted on your website. These books are very helpful to refer. I want to express my appreciation to you for your noble work and Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

by CSS Prasad on Arsha Avinash Foundation
Excellent presentation of basics of vedanta

Basics of Vedanta are presented in an organised way. Lot of pain and effort has been put to ensure the essence is reached to all sections of society. After 5 years of home study of Vedanta I could now have fast track study by e-books of Swamiji which satisfies my heart and soul.

by Sukanya Viswanthan on Arsha Avinash Foundation
Book on Dwaita Bhakti and Advaita Bhakti by Sri D. Natarajan

What an awesome handbook! The author has deftly incorporated all that Swami Paramarthanandaji has been teaching us in various classes on various topics for very many years.It will help students to explain Bhakti aspect to our children & grandchildren with clarity , with crispness and ease.

by Peter Zanesco, Italy on Arsha Avinash Foundation
Incredible Source for Study

The Arsha Avinash website proves to be one of the best on-line resources for the study of Vedanta and Sanskrit. In the spirit of the tradition, everything is given free of charge! What a rare thing in such "modern" times. Avinashji and his wonderful team is doing great service for the propagation of the eternal truths of the Vedic Tradition and Vedanta Sampradaya! हरिः ॐ

by Kalyan Naganathan on Arsha Avinash Foundation

Excellent effort. Immensely it will help the student to get the knowledge from teachers who are living vedic lifestyle and have come in the Guru parampara sampradaya. Well done.

by Swamini Pramananda on Arsha Avinash Foundation

Hari OmI reveiwed the website. It is very well done and will definitely benefit many seekars around the world! Wishing you all the very best in launching your work of our parampara!With love and best wishes,AmmajiSwamini Pramananda

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