The Glory of Sanatana Dharma by Swami Paramarthananda

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The Glory of Sanatana Dharma or The Glory of Hinduism. New Year 2018 talks of Swami Paramarthananda. Transcribed by Sri T. Srinivasan & Sri Balasubrahmanyam Patoo.

Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism is the eternal or ever valid teachings of the Veda. The glory of Hinduism is its teaching: The whole universe is the manifestation of the Lord. One should be a responsible member of this universe. The humanity has a responsibility to this cosmic structrure. One should do 5 contributions-  to the  Lord as the live universe, parents, other human beings, other living beings and preserve the Vedic wisdom. Every arrival will be followed by departure. Every union will be followed by seperation. Death is transition of life from one body to another. The glory of Sanatana Dharma is its unique teaching.

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