Patanjali Yoga Sutram (in Tamil)

Patanjali Yoga Sutram (In Tamil) by Swami Brahma Yogananda. 537 Pages. Contains four parts- Samadhi Padam, Sadhana Padam, Vibhuti Padam and Kaivalya Padam. This is a great book explaining the technical nuances of Yoga by the great master Swami Brahma Yogananda.


In the path of Spirituality by Swami Guruparananda

In the path of Spirituality by Swami Guruparananda.

‘Sadhana’ (Spiritual practice) which is undertaken to purify our mind is called ‘Yoga Abhyasam’ (practice of ‘Yoga’). The enquiry undertaken to understand the true meaning of the term ‘I’ (or ‘Atma’) is called ‘Jnana Abhyasam’ (practice of Self-knowledge). Spiritual journey is that which is undertaken in tandem in the two-fold paths of ‘Yoga Abhyasam’ (practice of Yoga) and ‘Jnana Abhyasam’ (practice of Self-knowledge).