Sampurna Bharat

Swami Brahmayogananda has rewritten Indian History in this 511 pages book. It is titled Sampurna Bharat and Param Vaibhav Bharat.

The book starts with timeless vedic period.

The glorious history of the first 3,600 years is explained. It consists of Magadha empire, Maurya empire, Sunga empire, Satyavahana empire, Gupta empire, Malava  empire and Pusya bhuti empire.

The valiant history of the second 1,200 years is explained. It consists of Chola empire, Rajaputra empire, Vijayanagar empire, Sikh empire and Hindavi svaraj.

During British rule,  Bharat’s wealth was siphoned and Bharatiya culture was shattered.

The recent history and Bharat today are beautifully presented.

Swamiji’s vision for a New India is that in the next 150 years  it  could serve as an illustrious guide to the mankind- VISHWA GURU.

The past, present and future of India is magnificently given.


Swami Paramarthananda’s visit to Arsha Avinash Foundation Photo Album

SWAMI PARAMARTHANANDA’S VISITED TO ARSHA AVINASH FOUNDATION, COIMBATORE on April 29, 2019. He was offered welcome with purna kumbha and vedic chant. Traditional pada puja with chanting of Guru Stotram done. He was offered lunch biksh. Swamiji answered the spiritual questions of mumukshus. Swamiji was offered Guru Dakshina. Swamiji blessed all those present for success in their spiritual journey. He also blessed the activities of Arsha Avinash Foundation.