Jivan Mukti by Swami Paramarthananda

Jivan Mukti. Guru Purnima 2019 talks by Swami Paramarthananda. Trancribed by Sri A. Venkatesan. Swamiji explains that for a Jnani prarabda karma’s effect is diluted. The first method is mityatva darsanam.  He understands that the world is mithya and the problems of the world do not affect him much. The second method is nidhidhyasana sukam. He is in contemplation most of the time, enjoyng yoga ananda, jnana ananda and  atma ananda.

Selected Brahma Sutras by N. Avinashilingam

In this article, 16 adhikaranas  or topics are discussed, out of the total 192 adhikarnas, selecting one from each pada, section.  The selection is based on their importance, uniqueness,  representative nature, etc. The selection from each section gives an occasion to cover the subject matter of each section very briefly

Arambhana Bhasyam by N. Avinashilingam

Brahma Sutra 2.1.14  analysed with Shankara bhasyam. The bhasyam on this Sutra is well known as  Arambhana bhasyam. Arambhana Adhikaranam establishes that there is non-difference between the cause Brahman and the effect universe.