We seek your donation for the noble cause of propagation of Indian Spirituality and Indian Culture.


Arsha Avinash Foundation can accept donation only from a bank account maintained in India. Donors are required to submit a contact address in India.  

Donations may be send directly by bank transfer through NEFT to:
Account Holder: Arsha Avinash Foundation
SB  Account No: 1674155000065910
Name of Bank: The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd
Branch: Coimbatore Sivananda Colony Branch
IFSC Code No. KVBL0001674

Or Cheque may be send in favour of Arsha Avinash Foundation and send by post to:

Arsha Avinash Foundation, 104, Third Street, Tatabad, Coimbatore 641012 Phone: 9487373635

For donation of Rs.10,000 and above submission of Income tax – PAN is required. Donors of Rs.5,000 or above may optionally specify if the donation is for Corpus Fund.  For both General Donations and Corpus Fund Donations, deduction under section 80G is available. 80 G Approval No.UR No.AAETA3556F/05/15-16/T-283/80G dated 20.10.2017.

We request you to send the details of payment by e mail to [email protected]


N. Avinashilingam accepts Professional Fees (Guru Dakshina) from Foreign Nationals. If you are interested, please send email to [email protected]


  1. In case you have the transcribed talks of Swami Paramarthananda for a full text which is not already there in this website or  transcribed talks of Bhasyam classes of Swami Paramarthanananda for a full text, and you are willing to share the same in our website, please inform us.
  2. Whenever you see any mistake in any book in this website, you may send an e-mail to us, mentioning the name of the book, page no, line no and the mistake noticed. We will try to correct the mistake at the earliest.
  3. You may edit a full text which is already there in the website
  4. You may inform about this website to Spiritual seekers/ Spiritual students in person or through Face Book/ Whatsapp/ Twitter/ Social Media
  5. You may inform if you can support the website or Foundation in any other manner. Please send an e-mail to  [email protected]