Swamini Vilasananda, Argentina 

Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative with excellent study material for all the students.May you and Ponmani have countless blessings. With best wishes and love.

Swamini Jeevanmuktananda, Coonoor

It is very encouraging to see your website. May you continue with this noble work.

Swamini Sumatmananda, Hyderabad
Tat chintanam tat kathanam 
Anyonyam tatprabodhanam 
Etadekaparatvam cha 
Brahmabhyasam vidur budhah

– —–  (Panchadashi 7.106)

Exactly what  Sri Avinash and Smt Ponmani are doing -by making the best use of online technology and making the shastras available to countless seekers worldwide. My best wishes and congratulations on this welcome venture.



Medha Michika, Anaikatti

Sri Avinashilingam has been a dedicated student, teacher and contributor of this tradition. May Arsha Avinash Foundation continue helping more and more people. Best wishes.

Ramanji, Anaikatti

Best Wishes. Contribute and make others to contribute through your website for the welfare of the seekers of Truth.

Eduardo Coulamy (Krishna), Brazil 

Congratulations for the beautiful effort to build It is a precious resource of reference books of the tradition and an important repository of valuable information for earnest seekers. For me it was an unexpected help and I am very grateful. May the Lord bless and may it blossom further.

V Chander, Cochin 

Only through your website could I realize that the books  by Sri D. Venugopal are to be explored well; I came across your website, while googling for Pujya Swamiji’s method of Vedanta exposition, (after listening to some of Swami Paramarthananda’s discourses –which overwhelm even the “modern logical” thinking). You have done a great service by uploading these books; which have motivated me to read them “seriously”. I also liked your “summaries” of the principal topics that one has to read in Vedantic study.  Thanks very much for these also.

Dr Sreenivasa Murthy , Mysore.

I went through the website & found it to be a repository of Vedanta jnana. This is the need of the hour for the modern man.  FOR THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY YOUR WEBSITE WILL BE A GREAT RESOURCE FOR THE TRUE SEEKER.

Andrew, New Zealand

Through the creation of the Arsha Avinash Foundation website you are making a valuable contribution to the Arsha tradition. I am happy to see that you are already receiving positive feedback from many corners of the world. I congratulate you and send you my best wishes for continued success.

V. Srinath, Hyderabad

I have just subscribed to your website. The articles are wonderful !!!

Keep up the good work !!!