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S D Bala, Coimbatore

Congratulations on taking the first step of establishing the Arsha Avinash Foundation.

Venkatesh Chakkilam, Hyderabad

I am very happy to see your own website and your ways to spread knowledge.  I really liked your writings which let us keep updated of the happenings both on face book and newsletter. Now, there is the foundation and website too which will be very useful.  Congratulations and all the best.

Srinivas Pulluri, Hyderabad

I am happy to know about the Trust and Website.  Let the Trust and Website work like a Saarathi (bridge) between the teacher and Students. My best wishes and Prayers.

Swami Cetanananda Saraswati, Japan

I opened the web site of Arsha Avinash Foundation and saw many treasures for us. Many wonderful books and class-notes are given in this web-site. I saw beautiful book of Ramayana given by Kalavardhini Study Group. I saw the book of profound analysis of our Sampradaya written by Venugopalji, and I saw a book called […]

S.Srinivasan, Coimbatore

You have done a wonderful thing.  May your efforts reach the maximum number of people and enlighten them.  My prayers and best wishes for your noble efforts.