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Their Holinesses Sringeri Acharyas

I convey the gracious blessings of Their Holinesses (Sringeri Acharyas) to each one of you for your invaluable contributions in preserving and fostering the language of Sanskrit through your valuable website, for the fulfillment of your visions and goals and for you and all the members of your Foundation to have the true delight of […]

Swamini Atmaprakasananda, Arsha Vidya UK

I am happy to know that the website  is very useful and lots and lots of people benefit. Almost all our students of Arsha Vidya UK and Europe have gone through your site and also downloaded few things. I am sure lot more will benefit as they come to know about it. Your own commitment […]

Swami Paramarthananda, Chennai

I am happy to know that Arsha Avinash Foundation, trust has been formed with the objective of publishing books on Indian culture, Vedanta and Sanskrit Grammar.  Also, I am glad to know that you are making books available on your website  www.arshaavinash.in . I congratulate you for this effort and wish you success in this […]

Swami Sakshatkrtananda, Tamil Nadu

I am sure that your services to Arsha tradition will grow larger and larger and serve the people effectively in bringing the message of the Sastra to their doors. This  website will be a boon for many seekers in the times to come.

Swami Shankarananda, Anaikatti

I am happy to hear about your initiative. May Isvara bless the organization in its work. When Pujya Swamiji has given his blessings I do not see the need for any thing more. It’ll  be like the Asuras in Lanka binding Hanuman with ropes when he was already bound by the brahmaastra released by Indrajit.  […]

Swamini Sadvidyananda, USA

May your foundation flourish to provide opportunities to the seekers. Congratulations

Swāmini Ātmaprajnānanda Saraswati

Message of Goodwill आचार्यात् पादमादत्ते, पादं सब्रह्मचारिभिः | पादं तु मेधया ज्ञेयं, पादं कालक्रमेण च || One learns a quarter from the teacher, A quarter from the co-students, Another quarter by his/her intelligence, And the remaining quarter in course of time. My best wishes to “Ārsha Avinash Foundation” Trust and pray that it becomes instrumental […]

Swami Aparokshananda, Rishikesh

Pleased to know that Sri. Avinashilingam N. has established a Trust to propagate and disseminate education in the society,  etc.  I know him for the past few years and he possesses necessary prerequisites for such a noble cause. He is a Chartered Accountant, a Company Secretary and an Information Systems Auditor. This back ground plus […]