Swami Cetanananda Saraswati, Japan

I opened the web site of Arsha Avinash Foundation and saw many treasures for us. Many wonderful books and class-notes are given in this web-site. I saw beautiful book of Ramayana given by Kalavardhini Study Group. I saw the book of profound analysis of our Sampradaya written by Venugopalji, and I saw a book called Sadana-Bodhini written by Swami Sadatmanandaji, etc. I am sure that will find more treasures in this page. Next I opened Sanskrit page. I was impressed very much because I saw the great works of Michika. There is no doubt that her books for Sanskrit learning helps a lot of students who are studying Vedanta and Sanskrit in Japan too. I will see more of this web-site. It is sure that there are many books and articles which greatly inspire us. Thank you for this great web-page!I will introduce this web-page to our Japanese Students.

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